Time To Short Crox

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  1. It dawned on me that this may FINALLY be a world class play.

    Sitting home this weekend I saw a Sketchers commercial - they looked JUST like Crox.

    Everybody and their brother has seen the stock go up HUGE.

    Time To Borrow and Sell?
  2. Probably be cheaper to buy a pair or try some on first just to "get a feel" if your position is right.
  3. pretty good way to lose money. maybe short tomething that sucks like yahoo or intel? or maybe amd. Crap like that.
  4. Please post a screen shot of your buying power, or else one of your trading blotters so you can prove to us what a teriffic trader you are.
  5. I dont want to. NO blotters. post your blots.
  6. Ladies, please take the bickering somewhere else... like a PM
  7. I'd be interested in your ability to get a locate, and the vig.

    Fast money last night had CMG CEO on. They mentioned a 30% short position, but they never mentioned the stocks tenure on the SHO list, which could easily double the number of shorts.

    One of the guys smirked and just shook his head saying, "stocks is higher until the shorts get squeezed.

    CROX is not about the shoes. It's about the bears being trapped in a highly leveraged position, and the Prime Brokers reigning them in.

    I wish you luck. Be careful out there.
  8. Down another 4% today!
  9. Pachoo


    This is a very bad idea. Crox has been getting some very good licenses recently and introducing some nice new lines.

    It has a good chance to go up 50%+ in the next year.

  10. I thought this was a Trader's website....Am I mistaken - maybe I should've added this is a 1-2 week time frame, my bad
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