Time to short CF and NFLX

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ttowntrader, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Just opened up short positions against up volume in CF and NFLX. I now own a nice collection of may puts in each.

    I think CF is too far extended based on MOS recent news. NFLX overvalued and excessive risks to USPS rate hikes.

    What say yee, bad rookie mistake for shorting new highs?
  2. you are close but i would wait for the IPI ipo as a sell. that is coming up next week and should create a "sell the news" setup. also it is very difficult to catch a freight train without any confirmation of weakness. you would probably want to wait for something to confirm first.

    that same statement goes for NFLX. it was just consolidating off that 35 base and now breaking out. probably easier shorts out there.
  3. Closed half of positon on CF, nice 34% return for the morning trade.

    I am -11% red on NFLX puts, but will be holding through earnings on monday.

    May add back into the short on CF if it comes back to retest the high.