Time to short AMZN ? I think so.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. hajimow


    I have been following AMZN for a while. It seems that it now is a good time to short it and ride it down to $60. Look at the chart and do your research and let us know what you think.
  2. It has finally broken cycle...it's broken down out of support I'd say. I've been short since the low $70s, but it's still a good time me thinks.

    It's less and less independent from the markets now and is following suit. :D
  3. lexiii


    Bought JUL 70 Puts yesterday.

    Wonder if I should sell with a little loss.
  4. lexiii


    Still holding my puts.
    GREAT !!!
  5. Not worried...the funny thing is the upgrade was for the stock's action and really had nothing to do with the company which is just fucking sad. :D
  6. lexiii


    Any Opinion short term? May move up into earnings....
  7. I'm still short...I might buy some out of the money Calls just as a slight hedge, but I think this stock will be quite lower by the end of the year. Risky perhaps, but I'm willing to make that bet. :D
  8. Here is my opinion. When a stock does not move down, then someone is buying and someone else is selling. Haha. Simple enough.

    The question of the day is why hasnt the stock suddenly dumped down and just who is selling, just who is buying? Both parties have their reasons but there is some equilbrium in the price. Each time shares are sold someone is catching them.

    So this is where a straddle comes in handy when we are certain the price will swing in a violent direction that could be up or down.

    Now you have to bet who has the better information, the person who is buying or the person who is selling...I say it goes higher, but these trades are very risky so straddling is the best move here.