Time to scream and panic ladies and Gents......Hopi get their blue star at last

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Uno, May 23, 2010.

  1. Uno


  2. Yes....."Project Blue Beam" or "Torsion Message" ........

    You decide! :cool: Must be nice to have TRILLIONS of dollars conned out of so many nations (and their citizenry) through criminal syndicate CENTRAL BANKS to use on only GOD knows what. :mad:

  3. Uno


    This was obviously technology.....human or ET.

    But you gotta understand something first. When Hopi shamans did remote viewing hyped up on weeds.

    They did not know about project "blue beam". For crying out loud they had no computers back then.

    They still could have gotten the time line correct by saying when A happens B follows.
  4. Uno, you and your 1000 other user ID's should just throw a noose around your neck or take a 357 magnum to the dome because you see nothing but death and destruction in our future. Why not just take an easy 'escape' right now?
  5. Uno


    I guess if you are stupid, it is permanent.

    Instead of you and those like you (dime a dozen) asking what's going on with our money, outer space, Wars, politicos and laws.

    You are wondering what's going on with me ?

    I gotta tell you, that is pretty stupid.