Time to Revolt against NYSE Professional Real Time Quote Tax

Discussion in 'Trading' started by anvil993, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Time to toss a shoe at this practice, if two individuals partner to trade, its deemed a professional, if you licensed, professional is the only option.

    Problem begins when you start trading multiple accounts, brokers, third party software, the dude that's been there 27 years in Billing will bend you over each time for the 127.50 per subscription.

    Why doesnt the SEC look into this, the NYSE creates an account, why dont they offer a quantity break, so if you have a dozen accounts, several quote management/order management applications, it adds up. This is a circa 1978 type of thing that needs a swift kick in the ass to make it current.

    They sure keep the transaction tax on the beat.

    The NYorican guy at the NYSE said, I shouldnt complain, he sends out bills for millions a month to some firms? Great, Colonel NYSE Billing Dude.

    Now, where do I throw my Addidas Samba?