Time to revisit Eugenics?

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  1. I wonder if we need to begin a program of Eugenics to get our defect under control and lower spending. California is a great example of what happens when there is too much money sucked into government services.

    #1 Sterilize criminal offenders so they cannot continue to procreate.
    #2 Cut all services for the retarded.
    #3 Sterilize anyone who wants to collect welfare.
    #4 Offer a 10K payment for anyone willing to get sterilized.
    #5 Automatic execution of violent criminals.
  2. 1) (5) would do away with the need for (1).
    2) The economy would have to really get a lot worse before public sentiment would even consider such measures. "Healthy" people still can give birth to retards and criminals. :( :eek:
  3. We should not have to service retards they are a non productive and costly. Offer a Euthanasia program for those that are retarded, the "Action T4" program can be activated in the US on an emergency basis.

    I think for the US to survive we will have to start taking drastic actions to bring our economy back on track.

    Also remove all dependency tax breaks, we should no longer reward people for having more than 1 child. This will also help cut down on our surplus population over the next 20-30 years.
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    things cycle and some of those things could happen when warlords take over and there is no welfare.. massive starvation of welfare recipients would take out the elderly but also a lot of offenders and retards... i would not miss all these people that live on whitey's money and hate whitey, not for a minute...
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    Before we start gassing US Citizens for being terminally unproductive, shouldn't we first consider closing the borders and eliminating visa programs?
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    1. All criminals should be used for organ harvesting.

    2. All retarded people should be placed in important positions such as congress, senate, etc.

    3. Daily execution of "normal" people.

    If this does not get human population under control, I don't know what would?

  7. And when one of your relatives is born with Down's should we gas them too?

    Bit is right cut back on visas. My good friend up in Ontario says the Canadian government import Mexicans and when they are finished working they are flown home, mostly ag types of jobs. He said the fines for hiring illegals are so great no businesses will do it.

    For free trade. Has anyone looked at how free trade works between the US and China. They don't import our stuff the money recirculates in their country and US money leaves the country to China and Japan, India too.

    A flat tax would help for sure. And tax corporations that add no value as others mentioned than to import from China. If you build in America and hire Americans or resident legal aliens then you get the biggest corp. tax break.
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    Wow, time to break open the time capsules from 1930s Germany...
  9. Do you have any other sources of income?
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    Geezus, why dontcha just resurrect a Nazi party?
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