Time to remove the 09:37am EST bad tick, esignal...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. In the SPY & QQQ.

    That is all.

    Thanks in advance.

    (I hate liverep). :D
  2. are you guys all on a coffee break, or what???
  3. JayF_eSignal

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    The intraday spikes on QQQ and SPY have been corrected, and the daily charts and Quote Window has been as well.

    In case you were not already aware, I'd like to mention a few ways to contact us about bad ticks.

    1) eSignal Bad Tick Reporter - This can be found in eSignal under the Customer Service menu or by navigating your browser to http://tickreporter.esignal.com

    2) eSignal Central Data Inquires Forum - In lieu of reporting bad ticks on Elite Trader, you can report this on our own eSignal Central forums. We are much more active on our own forums, and will likely see your post sooner.

    3) Contact Technical Support - If you would prefer live help, you can contact one of our Technical Support Representatives. A listing of methods to do so can be found at http://www.esignalcentral.com/support/contact/default.asp

    Please also be aware that there are ways to limit the harm done to technical analysis by bad ticks.

    1) Bar Editor - The Bar Editor allows you to change the OHLCV of a particular bar on an Advanced Chart. This can be handy for quickly wiping out a bad ticks. Just right-click the bar you wish to edit, select Tools --> Bar Editor, and then edit the data as needed.

    2) Price Filtering - This tool allows the automatic filtering of prices outside a specified range. You can access this by right-clicking an Advanced Chart, then selecting Tools--> Price Filtering
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    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    To further this, we check outside forums like Elite only once or twice a day, but are on our own forums nearly 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  5. Thanks, Jay!

    I will do that in the future. Normally the bad ticks in futures are corrected in <15min, but this one stuck around for a couple of hours, so I didn't know what was up...