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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by timetoquit, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I have made the decision to quit trading. I want to do something more fulfilling and where I can gather more skills for the future. Save the lecture about how I should persevere and how trading is the best business in the world.

    I just don't want to trade anymore, maybe I am burned out, maybe I am not as profitable as I would like, maybe I just want to do something else.

    Attached is my resume, I would appreciate comments and suggestions. This is a first draft so I know there are a lot of areas to improve.

    I have traded for 1 prop firm and for myself since Nov. 2005. I have blacked out all the other names of companies, as to remain anonymous.
  2. Giselle


    so what u wanna do now?
  3. You know what is funny?? If you open his resume in word, you can highlight the blacked out writing and change the color and see all the "blacked" out stuff. Next time probably best to upload a PDF. You might want to take this down as it has all your personal information...
  4. That definately puts a damper on his "solid computer knowledge".:D
  5. I'm sure he'll appreciate your advertisement. :D
  6. Yeah Jean Pierre -- delete this attachment.
  7. "JP" to his freinds.

    LOL :D
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    Maybe JP could apply for a job with the CIA to black out the sensitive information on documents before they are released to the public.
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    I took the liberty of deleting his attachment. Hopefully he'll post a more discreet version.
  10. You guys are funny.

    Someone should learn how to use the Adobe PDF program and how to place easy restrictions on the PDF.

    I might change the computer skills part to... 'could use a little extra help here!'
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