Time to Kill

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  1. What do you guys do in between trades when the market is not moving in any direction????
    I have tried listening to music with limited success. Recently, however, I dusted off my weights and kinda working out in front of my PC had kept me relatively un-boring and .... tired.:D
  2. I go to school. Its great. Little trading between the classes and the friends. Sum it up. Education, friends, trading, add food to that equation and that all you need for the rest of your life.:D
  3. i go strong ten hours a day. if i'm not entering a trade, I'm programming something.
  4. I do not sleep anymore...no time
  5. actually that can be serious for you

    brain cells start to die, yes that is right DIE after a while

    if you constantly are not getting enough sleep
  6. How much sleep physically does the Human body need...and how much mentally? on healthy subjects..

    Why do some people "need" more sleep than others?

    Michael B.

  7. sulli


    I hear ya! Engineer by night, trader by day.... hehe

  8. I would like to see a link to this information.

    I think I just felt a brain cell die and it was not fun at all.
  9. Save time...

    ...Drink your Brain Cells away like I do...

    When I have time to kill intra-day, I run screens, play with new screening criteria, or research long-term investments...

    For the days I don't end up trading much at all, I have putting carpet and a few putters in my office, and I live just off the 17th's tee box... Sometimes I f*ck with the old retired guys... Then there's always that website, what's it called? ET or something...
  10. Actually, brain cells die from simply breathing, but that's not the point.

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