Time to invade North Korea

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  1. When Haiti had that earthquake, the world ran to help. Why cant the world help the North Koreans? I'm convinced that if the mainstream media just talked about the prison camps in NK for just 1 week,the people of the world would unite and get kim jong il out of power and free the people.

    The video is 19 minutes and its basically this guy telling his story of his life in the prison camp and how he thought the entire world was that prison camp. He had no idea there was a world outside that camp. He was born in the camp and forced to do hard labor at 5 years old. He was not taught about life outside the camp and was not even told about the leader kim jong il. He was tortured daily and has scars on his side where the guards took metal hooks and put it through his skin and held him over a fire. He talked about how there was no closeness with other people in the camp and everyone thought everyone else was an informant.

  2. I say it's because it's none of our govt's business.

    A loser liberal I know on this board just happens to be more concerned that I have a Confederate battle flag in my living room.

  3. All we have to do is take out the leader and a few military heads and south korea can just go in and take over as simple as that. I bet we would be going to war with them if liberals found out that kim jong il was treating his dog like that man.

    I remember a while back when some lady got all these death threats from liberals because Ellen Degeneres got on TV and told everyone that this woman took away a dog that she gave away(and wasnt supposed to under her contract).

    If freeing the people isnt a big concern, then just looking at how the NK people are treated and then realizing that this joker has nukes should be enough to understand that he is going to use them on us one day. That alone makes it our business.
  4. 1) mind our own fricking business.

    2) Unless you are prepared for any other nation to interfere as they see fit here, you are wrong.
  5. 1. Freedom is everyones business & everyones right. The first 3 words God spoke to man in the bible are "You are free..."

    2. If the USA was just like NK and you were in a prison camp, would you be prepared for another nation to interfere as they see fit? Or would you just hope that all the other countries leave the USA alone so you can live life in peace to scavenge for rats and worms while working 16 hour days of hard labor.

    Of course if you have everything & are free you dont want another country to interfere, but if you have nothing and are not free, you want help from someone.

    Do you really believe its wrong to free slaves just because they live on the other side of an imaginary line? If it was a problem of paying for it, I would gladly pay thousands out of my own pocket to pay for the military strike as would others I'm sure to free these people. And if I was the slave I would gladly reimburse everyone who paid for my freedom as much as I could afford to. Wouldnt you?
    All we need is to let other likeminded people know whats going on over there and the media isnt reporting. But the other problem is that its against the law for ordinary citizens to overthrow a country. Its even against the law to supply the citizens in NK with weapons, money or personal to overthrow their own government. So basically we have to have the government on board or get them to not charge citizens if we want to do something ourselves.
  6. And the number one freedom is always and without question the freedom to life. Which you would recklessly deny to those without any say in the matter. The ultimate enslavement.

    A war with Nth Korea would be a blood bath. The North has the capacity to turn Seoul into rubble and that wouldn't be the half of it.

    China may not be all too happy with such goings on right next door either.

    People like you who would love to play fast and loose with the lives of others and cloak your war mongering in religion make me sick. As Index_Piker says - Mind Your Own Business!
  7. 1) Sorry but I don't think it's my place to impose my morality on others. Despite my good intentions or horrible conditions elsewhere.

    2) No: Do you think mexico should interfere with our protecting our border? Do you think hong kong as a govt should work to force us to make our markets more free economically?

    3) Yes, I think that is wrong.

    4) No just like I would not devastate my life savings on cancer treatment.
    btw: tell me what a slave can afford to give?
  8. there was a post some time ago that said kim jong il was assassinated at the same time nk stop nuclear development. it makes me think he is.
  9. +1
  10. i would not agree that peil is a war munger. i think the guy has convictions about how people should be treated. i don't think it is a cloak to start a war peil seems decent his morality is based on consideration to others so he is speaking up for people he thinks are oppressed.

    i think he has admirable intentions but might not have displayed it well. either way his comments are based on his perception of the situation and although might not be correct in your opinion i doubt he meant any harm.
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