Time to hedge your own salary

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Informed, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Informed


    Time to hedge your own salary, create your own basket of currencies + gold.

    Resource rich country currency like: Canada dollar, Austria Dollar.

    Rich and smart people including corrupted Chinese are moving to Singapore instead coming to America, buy Singapore dollar.

  2. Shoeshine boy financial tip time.

    It's bubble-licous.
  3. Informed


    Thanks, made enough money, don't need your service any more.
  4. d08


    Yes indeed, the Austria dollar is awesome. I wanted to buy it but my broker wouldn't sell it to me, guess it's in high demand.
  5. The Australian dollar is fantastic right now because metals and other like commodities are awesome. If and when that ever ends, so will the popularity of the Aussie.

    One needs look only as far as the Loonie and how it was tied with oil last July (when oil hit 147 and USD/CAD was .92ish).

    These comdol fads come and go. The question is whether they last, and whether you want to buy near or at the top.

  6. zdreg


    jim rogers figured it out years ago.

    what is a corrupted chinese?

  7. Delivery guy dropped your order?:D

  8. Doesn't hurt that they're the only ones raising rates either.