time to give-back

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  1. the purpose of this thread is to let other ET members
    list something they did during the week that gave back
    to the outside world around them

  2. balda


    I left an extra tip at a sushi restaurant.
    I do not drive a lot because I trade from home. So I save oil for future generations.
  3. this past weekend I went to a ballgame ( old timers day )

    on the way out I saw someone who was looking for a donation ( s ) to help him buy a new arm , hand , fingers ( the works )

    took me too long to give him most of what I had in my wallet
    but did get me thinking how life can be unfair sometimes
    and that I could not trade or would find it alot harder to trade if I only had 5 fingers and not 10

    which reminds me one of the old time pitchers
    I saw in the exhibition match preceding the
    major league game had one hand and he once
    even threw a no - hitter
    yrs ago in the big leagues
  4. Gave a stripper an especially large tip last weekend and then paid for all the beer that night instead of mooching off my buddies

    I love my life :D


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  6. nice to see you recently bought some cookies from the girl scouts

  7. Sorry, my cookie pic was mean. But your post was begging for it. lol. :)

    carry on.
  8. Threw a roll of quarters on the stage at a strip bar and ran like hell, then bought a bum a 40oz colt 45 at the 7-11 next door.

  9. bespoke


    I helped a group of 13 year old girls buy beer.
  10. I took some retarded kids on a picnic (no one else would be seen with me).
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