Time to get out of China funds?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Comptalk, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. My profit in my Chinese funds are down from a high of 69% to a current profit of 39%. I did not think the US bullshit would hurt China. However, Loosing 30 percentage points in the last few months has made me wonder. Do you think it is wise to get out of this and other funds while the crap is in the market?
  2. No one has ever gone broke taking profit...
  3. me2


    u should have been peeling back in the fall. now is the time to start building a position over 2008
  4. No country in the world may keep rallying for long when the US isn't, not even China.

    So, yes, get out.
  5. Good idea. If you want high risk high reward equities you can always go for options.
  6. To be honest, never expected it to drop this much. Still walk away with a decent profit, but I do not really look at my mutual funds that much.
  7. jmoo


    History repeats itself, yet another bubble. Get out while you can. If you need conviction pull up a chart of the FXI and QQQQ. You will be able to see where the FXI aka your funds are going.... Down

    Don't let hope over ride your logic.