Time to Fall Back!

Discussion in 'Events' started by aphexcoil, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Don't forget that tonight at 2am EDT (now to be EST) to set your clocks back an hour!

    Also, your local fire department also reminds you that now is a good time to replace the battery in your smoke alarms.

    Have a great 25 hour day tomorrow!
  2. That is some of the best news I have heard all week,
    thank god for you.

    No more hitting the snooze button !!!!!

  3. funky


    yet another utterly useless tradition....
  4. garyk


    Move to Arizona - we don't go on DST. The LAST thing we want to do in the summer is save daylight - the sooner the sun goes down, the better.
  5. All my retired friends in AZ have enough trouble remembering when to take their pills....can't confuse them with DST. lol

    Better yet, everyone should live in Vegas, no clocks, who cares, 24/7 ....and the NYSE opens at the same time everyday, no matter where we are.

    Kinda funny, when my brother was in Egypt and Dubai 2 weeks ago, his "biological clock" was still on market time...drove the locals nuts!!

  6. Pabst


    Nice job Aphie. You scooped me. I didn't even know!!! Thanks!:)
  7. Yeah - instead of moving a few clocks we have to adjust the start/end times of dozens of charts, :mad: remember that national TV shows start an hour later and have to trade until . . . gasp! . . . 2PM :eek:
  8. dbphoenix


    You may want to look at your charting program. You shouldn't have to make more than one adjustment.

    As for the TV shows, they start at the same time. It's just a different feed.
  9. gms


    I got screwed up timewise twice by people not accurately assigning the date/time of early AM events, so please don't take this personally.

    Daylight savings time ends 2:00 AM, EST, Sunday morning, not the night of Saturday, Oct 25. 24 hour days end at midnight.

    The first time, I was alerted to turn back my clock when passing a firehouse that had a big sign out reminding folks to turn back the clock, as it said, "Saturday Night at 2:00 AM". Turns out they did the same thing, calling for 2:00 AM "Saturday", instead of Sunday, and so when I went to bed on Friday night, I set back my clock back an hour. That messed up a few things the next day.

    The second time was when my car was totaled by another car around 1:00 AM one early Thursday morning (idiot blabbing on his cell phone went through a red light). Got a tow, and went home hours later, exahausted, happy to just have escaped harm. When I went a day later to pay for the tow, they charged me an extra day of garage, because the tow truck driver wrote the ticket up for 1:00 AM WEDNESDAY instead of accurately Thursday.

    These mistakes cost money.
  10. dbphoenix


    Why did you pay it?
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