Time to drop Grand_Super_Cycle

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  1. It is obvious to anyone with any sense in this business that Grand Super Cycle amounts to nothing more then a bad "used car salesman" type ( if we are very, very optimistic ) or an out right fraud ( if we are less optimistic ).

    If this site is to be legitimate the guy needs to go. I'd hate to think anyone put real money on the line following this idiots posted ideas. He has frequently posted complete reversals in his trading outlook mere hours apart, and has been forecasting an "imminent" market crash for almost two years. In reality, his short term calls ( if we can call them that ) are merely him echoing what the futures are indicating in real time.

    Even worse, when confronted with criticism after he posts his crap, he attacks the critics without addressing the content of his posts. This is how scam artists operate, deflecting negative attention by blaming others who get too close to the truth.

    By allowing the fraudulant behaviour to continue this site has become a willing partner in that fraud.
  2. After we have him on ignore we will still see his posts when people quote them.. I've been suggesting for a long time that sites like this keep a database of how many ignores each member has accumulated. Then there could be a filter with a sliding setting that would automatically ignore the worst 0% to 100% of the ignored...
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    Chill out ... You're making too much of this, even if you were correct. I assume you'll point to several concrete examples.
  4. I agreed.

    I am sure I won't loss my sleep if Small Bicycle has been kicked out from here
  5. Lol

    He's good at hedging his verbiage. He could have a bright future in financial journalism.
  6. Differences make a market.
  7. This site has zero moderation, its like the old wild west, surprised anyone advertisea here
  8. I see that the lunatic has escaped the asylum once again.
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    We need GrandSuperCycle in the forum. His exist diversifies the forum and difference exists in the market.
  10. Denner, you have nothing useful to say as per usual. You seemingly offer up almost nothing in the way of trading insight on this forum. Your posting history reveals a whole lot of nothing.
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