Time To Die!!!

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  1. Aloha, ive got so fuked off with missing out on selling oil this week, that ive now just lost it and cant take this anymore...

    So ive now just gone for the all or nothing!!

    And i mean nohing though!

    ALl the money i have in my traidng account is all the cash that i have anywhere in the world.

    SO im either now gna make lots money and be able to conitnue to live and work on my emotions.., or il lose it all and starve n die!!!! :( :( :(

    I decided to broadcast it cos if i do die itd atleast be nice to have a funeral.. :( :(

  2. wave


  3. Will there be enough left in your trading account for an open bar and hors d'oeuvres at your wake?

    If so, count me in. I would recommend that everyone dress in red (i.e., "in the red") rather than black to commemorate your passing.
  4. In Spanish, that would be called "todo o nada, con cajones grandes". :cool:
  5. Bad idea, I've been there before also. Everytime it resulted in me losing.
  6. sigh

    if only i had had the patence, id have got into the sell trade now with, 1tick of the days high, and would have stoploss upto 107
  7. Tu faltas cajones hoy. Que lastima. :mad:
  8. If i die today, im gna just have to get a big loan, get back to the market and start beating oi up again, but ma gna have to learn 'PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!'
  9. Two things you never ask God or the universe (or whatever you're praying to/hoping to):

    patience and knowledge


    That said, good luck, I hope you're not too early on it. You can be right all you want, but if you leverage a lot, you can't be too early with it.

    What exactly is it you're betting against?

    ETA: Read your other thread, CL I guess.

  10. yep, as long as oil doesnt go and hit $99+ before falling below my average price which is now $93.70, il make profit.

    We get 99+ im dead and homeless. :(

    I had been holding my sell order at 95.68 since 7am this morning!!!

    but when then oil crashed down to below 91 from 94 (9seconds after i cashed in my trade for 16ticks as i saw support!!!!!)

    and after that crash when oil rose up i just didnt think it wculd go from down 91 up to 95.68!!!

    do i just made my gambles as was dfedup with missing out by failing to gamble
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