Time to cover last week's profits

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  1. The market is gonna rally huge soon. Now is the time 2 cover all short and puts. I'm totaly serial. The big funds and money guys are gonna ram the markets higher in the days and weeks to come. 14,000 for the dow will be retested.
  2. I bet the market is with in 200-300 Dow points from were it is today by Nov 08.

    Know one is willing to place big bets with Obama comming into office.
  3. 50_Bip


    W3rd - market will be flat as a runway model until Nov 08


  4. My only response to this thread is perhaps the most important Stock Trad3r response to this date. Completely relevant, and makes perfect sense.

    STock Trad3r my response to your crap is this:

  5. As in serial killer? or Cereal killer, or serious?
  6. a midget serial killer most likely
  7. truer words were never spoken
  8. There must be a lot of intelligence in stock_trad3r, because

    none of it ever escapes...
  9. Kudlow says there is no recession. He's right. Disposable personal income is still strong. year over year it is up. The consumer is very strong.

    Tech stocks were up huge this week. We're still in the smartist era.
  10. you're a midget
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