Time to close a shorting postion

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kohay, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. kohay


    If I short a stock and is making profit on it. Is there any regulation from stock exchg that I have to close the shorting postion with certain time period?

  2. None that I know of.
  3. Make sure you close it before it gets delisted though :D
  4. i think it is 4months but nutz zo zure.
  5. zdreg


  6. Theoretically if you are short a stock, you could be subject to a "buy-in" at any point in time..thats when the lender wants his stock back, and so you would be forced to liquidate your position...i dont know how often this happens in real life
  7. kohay


    This is exactly I would like to know. Or is this depends on the broker used? Anyone has an idea? Appreciate very much.
  8. Depends on how much stock the broker has long in accounts to cover the short. As the longs sell you may have to cover to balance things out.