Time to buy wheat?

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  1. Time to buy wheat? Maybe a bounce is due.
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    4th time we're testing the 975 area this year. I'm short, let's see how this plays out.
  3. My logic says it should go down but the trader in me believes nothing changed and it will go up.
  4. big report monday.. funny how the market partipicants love arbitrary support/resistance levels to make 'turning points' happen on.

    since we're at 975 and not 1300, I'd like to bet most people are short.
  5. wheat will run again, huge huge liquidation this week. I heard a rumor that Bear Stearns liquidated a bunch of wheat this week. IT may be a rumor but who knows, but I fully think that it will make another run.
  6. A safe trade is to sell right after it breaks 900 support level.
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    wheat is a scary animal these days.... the best trade is no trade in my opinion. I am scared to get stuck in it
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    I am short may wheat from 1002. Lets see how is pans out on monday.
  9. Anybody hear that sound? *plop*
  10. soybeans is much much worse....
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