Time To Buy Ralph!-rl

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Nov 20, 2008.


    I have never felt more down than this morning. That is why I am buying. I am apparently going to go down in one final flurry of moves.

    Ralph Lauren tossed in a great earnings report one of several companies I follow that did. They have been rewarded with a 19% DROP IN 5 DAYS! That's right...
    a few days ago I caught a volume surge and a good amount of buying at the $34-$35 ares... This stock was on my list of Hedge Fund favorites being sold out... Certainly there is risk here but at some point someone had to step up and stop tucking tail here. I did. And in the big account. Jah help me.
  2. Well we are $7 HIGHER... not a bad trade... will try and squeeze a few more days out of it. I'll do a chart read later. But $47 comes to mind.... ~ si
  3. Time to sell Ralph as they say... $10 trade, we'll take that. Moving into Green Mtn Coffee. GMCR.~ stoney