Time to buy moon stocks

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  1. In fifty years, estimate return of moon investments will be around 10,000,000%
    Transportation, plantation, travel agencies, hotels, you name it.

    Its your opportunity. Grasp it. Well, it is too bad that I am too old to see the return. I just count on this 100% up room to go for my retirement.
  2. Good thing I received some moon land property this Chistmas. I am an officaly owner with a deed and everything else. I have joined the numerous hotel chains that own moon property too.
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    who is the seller?)))))))))))))
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    the Stock is being actively traded, unfortunately it is a gas station yet. look for ticker SUN.
  5. I inherited a large tract on the dark side. Currently my people are parcelling it out in preparation for sale. If you would like a bid packet, let me know.

  6. Price will skyrocket to the moon ... before returning on earth :D

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    I am selling moon parcels. I am selling townships for 20 dollars, if anyone wants to a piece of the moon, we are still in the naming stages, so we could name your township anything you like, except for certain named crarters. Under my claim of right I own the entire moon. I am giving a 1000 year lease to the United States for a 500 foot radius around the flag. That is where I am instructing the United States to build their emabassy.

  8. like Dennis Hope :D

    Legal Loopholes Help Man Sell the Moon
    By Andrew Bridges
    Pasadena Bureau Chief
    posted: 07:58 am ET
    15 September 2000

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Moon prices may soon grow unworldly.

    Dennis Hope, a California entrepreneur who first laid claim to the entire moon in 1980, is gearing up to jack the prices of land on Earth’s lone natural satellite.

    Exploiting what he calls a loophole in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty -- which forbids nations, but not individuals, from appropriating the moon and other celestial bodies -- Hope has quietly sold parcels on the moon to some 300,000 people through his Rio Vista, California company, Lunar Embassy.
  9. Really after Irak comes now the "moon idea" : how many idiots are there or rather how many hypocrits are there ? Nobody believes in this, rather they expect to be less fool than the other fools and profit from the hype that maintains the market bullish for the election.

  10. Why not let business colonize space,, just write into law all profits made in space will not be taxed for X amount of years. Look at how much corps and individuals have in cash, its in the billions. Heck microsoft has 50+ billion in cash,, many others also have staggering amounts of cash, if they cant find opportunity here perhaps they need to look up.
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