Time to buy buy buy! The bottom..its in!

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  1. The markets could not care less about you or me, they just exist. Only by understanding the markets in their actual strategic historical context, with mighty cyclical overvaluations giving way to gaping cyclical undervaluations over decades, can investors successfully beat the market year after year.

    The few investors who do not believe Obama, Buffet or Bernanke are the contrarians, who fervently strive to understand greed, fear, valuation, and history and do not buy into all the hype and obnoxious lies that mainstream investors eagerly lap up like famished kittens.

    Only a relatively small number of contrarian investors truly seek to understand the markets while the rest of the investors are trapped inside, by their own choice, and have no hope of escape, blinded by their own delusions.

    So with that said, the bottom is in! Its time to buy buy buy!!
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    Wait for spy to hit 99 to 103 area. :D
  3. how is the botttom in from 2 days of selloff?
    you call that a bottom?
  4. this made sense in 1993

    algo's dictate which direction we go
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    many factors pointing to a recession in usa.

    this means next year obama will be out and some RAT will be eleced and us of a economic ship will sink.

    military dictatorship is coming as riots and social chaos is around the corner.

    someone run to libya and get few dozen ak-47s being sold for $10 a piece. these might come real handy.

    us down will unleash islamic fanatics in the middle east and israel might be attacked. big war a possibilty with israel resorting to nukes to save its small land.

    fuckkkkkkk the politicians! they are the reason for all the troubles or atleast 90% of them.


    ps: my services to defend israel available, more volunteers welcome!