Time to buy AMTD?ET?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by UnFoRGiVeN, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Thank to Bank of America they have been slammed, especially AMTD. Is it time to buy AMTD,ET? Thoughts?
  2. bttweb


    10/25 buy if reached 16.70 if not .. wait

    should have bought @ 22.43 10/23
  3. I bought 250 shares at 16.64 and another 250 at 15.89.
  4. As a swing trader I wouldn't buy ET till after it cleared that 25 resistance, and then only on its first pull back ... fwiw

    As for AMT, that second leg pull back looks bad. Looks like a better short than a long. If it recovers above 37 I might consider going long, would feel better above 37.60

    remember - free advice is always the most expensive :)
  5. I have to agree with redlion.

    According to the huge volume(30m) today, I would consider to short it around 16 tomorrow. My target is 15.