Time to Buy AMD?

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  1. With the Xbox 360 and the new Nintendo Wii on the market both using ATI graphic chips, is it now time to buy AMD?
  2. laputa


    AMD is finished since Intel rolls out its Core2 Duo... it kicks AMD's ass, and Intel is prcing their product aggressively to wipe out AMD
  3. Your going a little extreme there buddy. Intel has always dominated the main market, AMD is their main competitor. I think they will start to gain grounds little by little.
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    Laputa's infamous announcement:
    AMD is finished

    Are you Nuts, Laputa?
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    We'll see
  6. hels02


    Yes, we will see. I love AMD, it's way overdue now. As for the dual core kicking butt.... there's plenty of people who like the 64 X2 Turion (for laptops) and the X2 for gaming... which is FASTER for gamers (who tend to buy the best of the best) than the dual core by some measures, for hundreds less $$.

    Also... AMD just bought ATI. It's a bit early to know what the full effect will actually be... but owning ATI opens up a lot of possibilities. There's no question that more integrated chipsets is a big deal, for the lower end market especially (video on boards).

    But probably most interesting right now is that Dell is offering AMD based systems, and the rumor is that Apple is about to start making an AMD based laptop... Apple was EXCLUSIVELY contracted with Intel.

    It remains to be seen if this is true, but you know how the stock market is... buy on the rumor...

    I wouldn't short AMD right now, but that's just me :D
  7. I'm short AMD in the near term, but long in it as well. Its the reverse for Intel. I also play some of the other semi companies as well.
  8. Well, looks like you were wrong. Like i said AMD is gaining ground on INTC little by little. It's a good company and will only get better. Hopefully it will do a good job with ATI and keep them profiting too.
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    I'm always long AMD because I got all my AMD for free when it split (back when it was $70). But I like to sell calls on it when it looks like it's going down, and every time it dumps, I buy them back. Thank god I closed my calls on AMD yesterday:p, nyuk.

    I think it's going to $40 this year (at least). Just think about it, when you go to buy a computer, your choices are only Intel and AMD. How many computers do you think there are in the world and how often do they get replaced? Or, how many more people NEED a computer today? Now that AMD owns ATI, the possibilities...

    I should shut up, I love seeing AMD shorts get squeezed.
  10. Hels, word.
    And now with both MSFT Xbox 360 and Wii using ATI graphic chips!Both companies trying to make as many systems as they can. And i finally saw a DELL commercial with AMD on it. This will be a good Christmas for AMD.
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