Time to bring back the draft/ 2 year rotations?

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  1. Instead of sending millenials to college right after high school to rack up debts, party.

    Why not go back to 2 year rotations and no college exceptions. Everyone serves, gets some discipline and backbone and get on the GI bill.

    This would also limit permawars, now American voters would not be so knee-jerk when it comes to more wars.
  2. Who is going to pay for that GI bill if EVERYONE has to serve? Oh thats right...everyone. So why even have a GI bill?
  3. Cut the corporate welfare packages, like the Chevy Volt subsidies etc..
  4. +1.The Presidents and Congressmens children should be first in line in draft
  5. Exactly, everyone has to have skin in the game.
  6. Currently there are 19.7 million people in college. Average annual tuition is between $20k to $35k per year. That means the GI bill would have to pay between $500 to $700 billion per year.

    Oh and lets not forget, if its mandatory that EVERYONE serve, then we go from having 2 million people in our military to approximately 9 million which means payroll for another 7 million people. And since the pay for an E-2 is $17,778, thats another $125 billion for payroll. This doesnt include the other benefits a soldier gets like cost of food, clothes, ect, or the amount of equipment that we have to buy to keep these soldiers busy doing something.

    So congradulations...your plan just increased the deficit by at LEAST 1 trillion dollars per year. AT LEAST.
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    In that case BO and the dems will be all for it.
  8. Because we want a Professional Army not a a draft one.
  9. Great idea with some modifications. All draftee's get 1/2 pay and no GI Bill bennies. You're serving your country and earning your freedom, not making money. No combat role for draftee's unless volunteering for such a role. Exception for children of all politicians, local committeeman to president, and all children who have parents in corporate boardrooms, CEO's and all other corporate exec's. Their service would be a mandatory combat infantry position, enlisted positions only. No one is exempt. No one at all!
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    There are some idiots on this thread. Modern warfare today is not fought in the infantry with a bayonet rifle. It's fought in a much more high tech fashion (meaning intelligence). I'm not sure I would want AK47 over there making any "decisions". This is not Vietnam guys where we have 40k foot soldiers with IQ's under 30. I want our men and women to be top of the line, not some welfare queens from ET who can't even handle the pressure of trading.

    I do support civilian service though. I think all kids could benefit from serving their communities 1 to 2 years. It would save us money anyway because we contract that work out anyway at a huge markup.
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