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  1. I run windows xp and noticed that my computer time is different than my cell phone and digital cable box time. So I went into the date/time properties box and tryed to resync the clock but I get the error message " The Peers stratum is less than the Host's stratum". Eventually, the time resyncs sucessfully but only lasts a little while before it goes out of sync again.

    I then downloaded "ds clock" which is supposed to continually resync your time but when I try to sync with that I get a " failed - host not found message."

    Has anybody had this problem or can just give me some ideas as to what to try next?

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  3. Thanks maxpi, but I'm still 3 seconds off
  4. dandxg,

    did you have to manually change your registry?
  5. I didn't do anything to it? Works fine for me. I use both of the clocks I mentioned and they see to spot on. I could be wrong. Give em a try, there free.
  6. Unclick where it automatically updates and use Atom Clock to synch the time.

  7. Ok, I did that and everything works fine, than an hour later my computer clock is 10 seconds slower than atomic time. I have atomic time resyncing every hour but....

    Is there a way to turn off my computer clock and just use atomic time?
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    Most computers have a small battery on the motherboard that powers the computer clock. That battery usually fails eventually, but should be pretty easy and inexpensive to replace. I suggest that first.
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    If your computer clock is drifting that fast then something is wrong.

    I agree with the other poster that you should look into replacing the motherboard real-time clock battery (should be a cheap/easy fix). You may also want to run a system diagnostic program that checks real-time clock functions.

    No, the RTC/hardware clock is what programs and the OS use as their source. Programs that sync with ntp servers simply adjust the hardware clock, they cant replace it (at least I've never heard of it)

    PC time problem can often be fixed with new system battery
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