Time stops

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  1. Anybody use time stops?

    You see a set up and enter trade. Based on history you know your profit objective should have been met in x amount of time.

    Once that amount of time goes by and trade has not materialized according to plan you simply exit.
  2. Sounds like you have part of a basis for a statistical trading approach as described here.

    Do some backtesting and let us know.
  3. I think we all do, or should. The longer a trade doesn't perform, the more likely its not gonna do what you anticipated because the underlying conditons have changed. For some it may be 5 minutes, others 15,30 or an hour. Really depends on your style of trading. For me, if I don't feel comfortable, I'll tighten the stop more, or just cut it.
    "When in doubt, get out !"
  4. ask Ivan our moderator, he joined the ET to tell traders how to trade

    funny enough he can't trade but HE IS GETTING TO IT :p
  5. Absolutely.

    Price should move a minimal distance per bar to maintain it's momo. If it does not it means that one side no longer has a clear advantage over the other, which can only mean stalemate or defeat for your trade.

  6. Is this you eurotrash?

  7. cf0532


    Yes, time is a very important factor in the stock market. The wave should be divided by the help of time.
  8. I use time stops. Time as factor is useful in getting out, but even more useful getting in. Interesting topic you came across, keep flipping rocks and you may get something useful.

    Good Luck