time stock market opens/closes in each country

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    I'm trying to trade futures of different countries (not forex) and I would like to know what time each countries stock market opens in Eastern Standard Time.

    For example,

    4:00 AM Australia closes
    9:30 AM United States opens
    11:00 AM Japan opens
    4:15 PM United States stock market closes
    6:00 PM Japan closes
    8:00 PM Australia opens

    please keep in mind, none of these are acurrate which is why I need help. I'm trying to create a schedule of my day. Usually the 1st and last hours of a market are the most volitale. So that's what I have to keep in mind. Can I get any help here? Maybe there is a website that does the entire time conversion....
  2. Japan opens at 8:00 PM and closes at 2:10 AM EST.
    It is closed from 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST which is
    lunchtime in Japan.
  3. Us stock market regular session closes at 4pm.

    US FUT market closes at 4.15pm.
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    here's a great resource...


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