Time Spent Doing "Homework"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jlcarey1, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. jlcarey1


    How much time do you spend on a daily basis doing research or "homework?"

    Most of my time is spent studying/reading about the broad market. On average, I will spend at least 3 hours a night on this.

    I used to spend more time researching individual stocks, but I have found this to be less important than researching the broad market. My net profits have improved approx. 22% over the last 4 months as a result of this shift in focus.

    What are your particular study routines?
  2. You should keep in mind that the answer with the most responses is not necessarily the best answer. I answered 0-1 hours, but I am sure my results would improve if I studied more. It is just hard for me to get into the groove (kind of like working out...)
  3. DblArrow


    My homework simply consists of going over the couple of charts I watch and analysizing my trades or trades I thought I should of taken.

    Then perhaps a bit of going over a different chart with my set up to see how it may have performed.

    I trade futures.

    I said 0-1.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  4. GSCO


    For me it's not general research, but more mental preparation.

    I have to take at least 15 min every morning specifically going over what I plan to do in every market scenario. (so when the market moves I just react as planned)

    But I'm always going over it, during the course of a day. Whether I'm actually trading, on the can, eating dinner, or even just going for a walk. Constantly, in my head, I'm going over my strategy. So it's probably a lot more than 15 mins.

    Sure enough, the less I do this the worse I trade.

    good luck
  5. Bob111


    it probably depends on style. i spend 20min max on couple swing systems i'm using right now every evening. two scans on WL, put list of selected stocks in file and that was it. i dont care about what is it,what they do..
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