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  1. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a site/book to start studying about Time Projections. In the past, I have played with Fibonacci Time Projections, but never was accurate enough to trade on them.

    I know Miner talks about them - he has a book and a report on his site. Anyone else? Any input is appreciated.

    Or, if someone just wants to post their methodology to do it here, I would take that also!
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    Steve Miller writes a column for SFO mag, Ask Slim. He's been in the biz a long time. Time stops are a part of his methodolgy. email him @ AskSlim@sfomag.com
    http://www.sfomag.com , a nice mag imo.
  3. I think time projections are different than time stops.
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    It sounds like Walther knows, but I do not think he is sharing his methodology...
  5. FYI - I have Miners report from his website (on time projections). It is nothing earth shattering - if you have played around with them on your own, you have probabaly done what he outlines in his methodology. Basically, number of bars from a swing high to low, and/or number of bars from a high to high (low to low). Project out with common Fib rations (.382, .618, 1.618...etc) and look for a confluence of those numbers that might likely be future support/resistance.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. The problem is, if you use all the common Fib %, your screen will be filled with possible turning points every other bar.

    There has to be a better methodology, if you find it let me know!
  6. I blatantly ripped this off of a *.pdf file on the internet...someone by the name of Marsh did it. At the bottom are Fibonacci times that were the subject of a fairly popular thread here on ET at the time. You could do a search.

  7. Is this the same as cycles?
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    You may also want to check out T Theory which is a method of analyzing trends using time symmetry.

  9. Thanks for the gif - I could not find the thread you were talking about...tried searching under your name, Marsh, Fibonacci times - do you remember the name of the thread?

    Thanks again.
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