time projections, time triggers?

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  1. We all use "Y axis" triggers (price triggers) but did anyone find a way to use "X axis" time triggers, for example time fibs, time points to trigger change of trend in specific time frames, etc. (I am NOT talking about the usual so called "reversal times" such as 10am or 3pm)?

    Any comments or ideas appreciated!

  2. well, sort of. I put on a trade at the same time everyday, long or short, and no I don't use y axis price triggers except for stops.
  3. I do it everyday as a part of my TA . I am determining most profitable times in the future where trades to be entered . Trading that way is much less stressful because I trade only in those predetermined times and do not have to watch screen all the time .
  4. What logic, what system, what strategy do you use to determine those 'profitable times', so to speak. Can you measure extent of moves as well.

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    I just check out robert miner book from traderbrain library, in the book he use time trigger extensively, there is some time trigger method in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TechnicalEdge/ there is also time trigger ( use in combination with gartley pattern) in Al Coppola book.
  6. I take measurements of recent or previous price swings and based on their length and size I do calculation of time projection. then I confirm it with trendline method .
    I am happy with accuracy of trading times and do not want to make calculation even more complicated by trying to predict size of the move.
    Tell me what do you trade and I will post some trading times in advance for you . If you are interested .
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    Walther, what you describe sounds similar to a Gann cycle of sorts. What would be the difference between yours and that method that you think makes the difference?

  8. If I understand you right, this is also what I was thinking about - some sort of symmetry in the length of the price moves.
    I am trading NQs and will be happy if you post any insights, in advance or in hindsight... charts or anything you see appropriate.

  9. It is not really symmetry, it is more like variable mathematical formula .
    For Nasdaq 100 I came up with 9:45, 11:40 and 15:25 est. See if your regular method has signals around these times .
  10. 50 cent,
    Did you get signals by your method at posted times ?
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