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Discussion in 'Trading' started by hype, May 16, 2005.

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    In your opinions, how long, and what time of year is it best to take a break from trading stocks.? This is due to making too many emotional and mental mistakes, Im considering taking some time off, coming up with a new plan, and finding a place or someone to work for. Any ideas or advice?
  2. end of may, and mid august trough first 2 weeks of sept
  3. Take time off immediately if you find that you cannot wash trade at will.

    What I mean by that is: When it occurs to you that you do not understand what is going on after ANY entry and washing does not happen automatically, you must take a break. Incurring losses as a consequence of not being able to understand market action is an integrity issue which always has to be working in order to trade.
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    Listen to your self.
    Considering is the inner self (intuition) giving you an early warning.
    This is particularly pertinent if one is a discretionary trader.
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    Thanks guys, I stopped trading last week, Need to get my focus,mind and discipline back. Figured now is the best time.
  6. You arent the only one.

    Probably this will shape up to be a really good time to trade because everyone i speak with shares your same sentiments.

    But by all means take time off and have a great summer!
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    imo one should take a holiday trading stocks from 1st jan - 31 dec.

    when on vacation one should trade futures

    :D :D

    only kiddin'

    id ditto what grob said.

    remember trading aint no 9-5 routine. people (ie me!) often forget this.

    we all know what happens when we over trade.
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    And weekends:D
  10. What happens? We pay too much in commission?
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