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  1. Hello,
    is it possible to place a stop/lmt order for a specific time of the day?
    I want to avoid placing an order during the morning auction (09:30 -10:00)
    It´s called Time-of-Day-Order, but i couldn´t find this in TWS of IB.
  2. R1234


    you need to define the 'Start Time' field for the order.
  3. d08


    That will only satisfy 50% of his requirements.
    You need to create a conditional order: time < 09:30:00 or time > 10:00:00.
  4. guru


    If I remember correctly, you may need to use the "Classic TWS" tab in TWS, then create an order with those time conditions:


  5. Answer above is correct, open an order ticket and choose conditional order. You can send an order based on a number of conditions.
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  6. Thanks for the quick responds. Could a Time-of-day-order be placed with NT8 or Motivewave?
  7. Just noticed that a stop/lmt order cannot be placed this way because conditional submission of orders is supported for Limit, Market, Relative and Snap orders only (message from IB).
  8. d08


    Then use the goodAfterTime (startTime) and expiration.
  9. Couldn´t find a way to set this up in IB´s TWS.
  10. d08


    What was the error?
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