Time Magazine Rates the top 25

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  1. dave74


    That poll just shows how little the average person understands what caused this meltdown. Alan Greenspan is 17th, when he should be 1st by a mile.
  2. Bernard Madoff?

    He had nothing at all to do with the financial crisis and he's #8. He stole money from a bunch of very wealthy Jewish people. The market had already collapsed long before he came forward with his ponzi scheme.


    My votes go for Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Angelo Mozilo, and The (stupid and greedy) American consumer
  3. wasn't adolf hitler once man of the year according to this piece of firewood?
  4. gangof4


    whose ass did the 'candidates' names get pulled out of in the first place? interesting that we don't see Barney 'roll the dice' Frank on the list.
  5. I saw that too. How come Chris Dodd and Barney Frank weren't on there? They get up there and question everybody else about the lack of regulation when they should be looking in the mirror.

    I do agree with them on Bush. Bottom line, he was the President. He could have used his bully pulpit to go after Congress and more importantly the Fed. Instead he nominated King Henry and Bernankrupt who tried to put out a fire by dumping gas on it and then bailing out the people who set it in the first place.
  6. Putting the american consumer there is an attempt by the globalist owned media to convince us that it's "our fault" that this generated crisis happened, so therefore since it is the "consumer's fault" it is okay for the banks to look the treasury and run up the credit card bill of the American taxpayer.
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    the American consumer certainly belongs there. sooooooooo many people were speculating on real estate more than purchasing 'homes'- even if they lived in it, they bought houses they knew they couldn't afford; thinking it would appreciate in value to bail them out. it, of course, worked... until it didn't.

    further, i know soooooooo many people who have been living beyond their means. neighbours who got a new car every year just because; certainly not out of need, and certainly not because they were rich and, thus, it was inconsequential.

    i am sooooooo (last one, sorry!) sick of people painting these people as victims. we're either a nation of retards who are oblivious to what we're doing, or we're culpable. it's a combination of the 2. it certainly explains our turn to communism <insert youtube clip of idiot saying she no longer has to worry about her mortgage or buying gas because Obama will take care of her>

    i weep for our future.
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    yes, i agree. but i would say that had these mortgages not been securitized up the wazoo, then the crisis would have been much less intense. really just a real estate drop.
  9. Considering how dumb many Americans have become, they deserve it. Btw, who the hell needs 500 tv channels to screw up so many young kids growing up watching so much filth?!

    I went to the local Comcast office a few days ago. There were people asking if they could pay their $50 cable bill on Friday because that's when their government check arrives.

    Fucked up population and priorities!
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