Time Is Running Out For Action On Iran

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    By Reza Kahlili
    China is circumventing international sanctions against Iran by enlisting North Korea’s help in providing the Islamic state with its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles and the technical expertise to make those nuclear warhead-capable missiles operational. And now the Communist giant is threatening to come to Iran’s defense should the missile or nuclear sites be attacked.

    Referring this critical problem to the United Nations won’t work because China has veto power in the Security Council.

    The United States and the West must therefore bring all the pressure to bear against China they can — and do it immediately.

    Time literally is running out.


  2. Its not our problem

    If you would like to help join and write a check to the Israeli military
  3. Ironic all these pro life fiscal conservative neo cons want a war with Iran that will cost thousands of American lives and over a trillion dollars :confused:
  4. 377OHMS


    Maybe we should supply nukes and ICBMs to Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

    We don't need to attack Iran. Just blockade their gasoline imports for 6-months and the regime would fall.
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    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


    Anybody seen Iran???
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    Could one of you liberals here who are friends of Obama give him a call and tell him he needs to do this?
  7. A blockade is an act of war and the countries like China who need oil from Iran wouldn't like it either

    Like Ron Paul said we need to mind our own business
  8. Back to your schizophrenia I see. I'll never understand your 24/7 shilling for Obama and your support of Ron Paul at the same time. Notwithstanding all of your half assed attempts to explain away the hypocricy.
  9. No hypocrisy at all dumb ass.Paul himself has said why he attracts Obama supporters and so have some ET righties so have a nice cup of shut the fuck up

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    Ron Paul must be a pure capitalist. Let force have its way.
    He who has the strongest military rules what they choose.

    Iran decides to tax the Straights of Hormuz. All tankers heading West pay $50,000 per barrel tax.

    The western economics collapse. Why would Ron Paul allow this to happen. What is the principle behind this scenario?
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