Time Honored Predictor

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  1. For 55 years millions of people have turned to this simple tool to give fast answers to difficult questions. Its reliability in predicting stock market movements is comparable or superior to many systems that are widely used, more expensive, more complicated to use, and yield less definitive answers. Many prominent analysts and fund managers probably base their investment decisions on this tool.

    Get instant answers to such questions as:

    "Is the market heading up today?"

    "Is the market heading down today?"

    "Should I hedge my investments?"

    "Should I stay invested?"

    "Should I cash out of my investments?"

    "Is the bear market over?"

    "Is the current rally sustainable?"

    "Are we looking at a pullback?"

    "Will IBM reach $90 in the next two months?"

    "Should I cover my shorts?"

    "Should I counter the trend?"

    "Is this stock worth the risk?"

    "Are the analysts' recommendations worth following?"

    "Will the economy recover in the next year?"

    "Should I set a tighter stop loss?"

    "Should I increase my stake?"

    "Are my indicators reliable?"

    "Is this the bottom?"

    "Is this the right stock to play right now?"

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  2. Always leary of locations that might somehow whack my computer, I tend to just mouse over the link and check its location first.

    But you are right, this is a time-honored predictor.... irrefutably one of the best ongoing prognosticators.... unchallenged in simplicity.

    I wish you hadn't chosen to reveal this to the others. Normally I am not selfish regarding trading information, but this one I was not about to share.

  3. Others might take my cue, and we could pool our resources.
    We could then pocket the savings, and leave more money on the table. It takes a lot of balls to play this game, but you just have to stick to it. When it knocks you in the hole, you need to go back and start from scratch, if you're going to chaulk up any wins.

    You have to get rolling if you want to earn your stripes and make solid returns. Examine all the angles, and give it your best shot. Your turn will come soon.
  4. Oh that is too good.

    This is a strategy that will rack up some nice wins if you spot it and play the right breaks. One caveat: if you get in too soon you will lose, I guarantee it. There are other drawbacks too, but mostly you can leave yourself in a good position for another go.

    Not often, but sometimes going tothe bank is necessary to continue. But patience and good selection will keep you from crossing that bridge too many times.

  5. ... I like my flipping my quarter better...

    But you can't just flip just any quarter. The quarter has to have positive aspects astrologically.

    Works better. My quarter is right 50% of the time.
  6. I just need that one lucky break to set me up nicely