Time frames, MA's, S & R

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MoneyGod, Dec 14, 2009.

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    I was just wondering what is the most common timeframe you guys watch? I know you guys look at multiple time frames and it depends om what type of trading you do.

    Lets say for intra-day scalping, I used to always use the 1 minute daily chart, but I see a lot of people use 5 minute charts...what do you guys use? Also on those 5 minute charts i've seen people use 50, 100, 250 SMA's, what do you think of that? before, on the 1 minute chart I was using 10,30, 240 WMA's...

    Basically, what i'm trying to figure out is what do MOST traders look at?

    I know S & R is very important, but what is the most common timeframe and MA's that traders use?

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  3. The best traders use 1-period indicators. :D
  4. buy low and sell high

    ( in all time frames )

    makes sense does'nt it ?

  5. I use 2, 5, 15, 60, and daily for intraday trading. In the mornings I trade mostly 2 & 5. min. In the afternoons, usually 5 & 15.

    MAs: 20 mostly, with a 40 and 200 here and there.

  6. Kind of like him, but more like this.

    1 and 5 minute for executions, 15, 60, daily for bigger picture. Use a mix of S/R, trend lines, and daily news/fundamentals to come up with market conditions/expectancies/direction etc.