Time Forecasting

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by mattlee023, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Has anybody taken the training from these time forecasters?


    If so please post about your experience.
    1)They post very accurate turns are you able to do the same via the training provided?
    2)How long is the training?

  2. ==========
    1]No, Mr matt.
    2]Well Turtles were trained in a week of 2[true:D , believe it or not But if Rich Dennis is not teaching that class, it may take 7 years+/.LOL:D Some traders/turtles never got it.

    3]Costs, well depends on your start up capital;
    and if you use a public libray or ''stock'' your private library. I prefer both public & private librarys myself .And i use a Church library also. Dont know if they are scammers;
    but peoplehave used the sun[sundial, daily candlecharts.... so that underlying is helpful, reguardless. For everything ther is a time & season. Solomon said. Solomon is right.

    Seasons?? Well sure, not a prediction, but generally the longer the track record[10 years...;]
    the less the hit rate.Most make money on a lower hit rate.IBD helps also-bear markets last less time than bull markets, usually.

    Not a prediction, simply wisdom.:)