Time for you gold geeks to feel the love

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  1. lol, you might wind up broke, and the rest of us keep our $$$$.
  2. PaulRon


    this is a buying opportunity you blind bat - gold is in a raging bull market.
  3. ?.......bats use echo-location, not eyesight-vision.
  4. Now the only thing left is deflating the "treasury bubble".
  5. MACK------The Fed would never let "that" happen.
  6. Another huge call.

    You cant eat gold

    Or margin calls
  7. Sure is raging at the moment. I took profits at $1000 which, even at the time, was maddeningly high.

    No way I get in front of this truck to go back long again. Not until there's some semblance of a bounce.
  8. Almost everyone took profits at 1000

    Only 3 guys, one of whom was in a coma for a week sold between 999 and 910.
  9. This selling was caused by hedge funds booking profits from the big run up. But i doubt many sold at the top, near 1000.

    Anyone trading the 'turtle system' would have got out around 950 or so, on the way down. That was the 15 day breakdown.

    The people selling today at 920 and below, are most likely weak longs late to the party.

    The selling will exhaust itself, and the uptrend will resume, perhaps gold will retest the 850 area, the previous all time high.
  10. GOLD, GOLD, :confused:

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