time for someone else to make movies

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    here's my rant on hollywood movies enjoy:D

    the hollywood elite controls most of the filming and production of the movies. when i watch various movies, they all are produced the same in seems like and for the most part, the majority of the movies are crap!
    i find watching the cartoon movies and movies made my disney to have the better pictures. the sci fi movies are decent but the drama movies and especially the comedy movies are not that good.
    my question is, is it time for someone else to make better movies that are more family oriented or even, just a different perspective on creating and developing the stories?
    i'm tired of seeing the same actors in every movie. it seems like there is a protocol in hollywood, you have to kiss the hollywood ass elite or you have sleep with one of the elite in order to get a part. that's where i find hollywood to me very immoral is, if you're sleeping with the elite hollywood you get the part, but if you're not then they use you in compromising your dignity. of course you can say no, but then you don't get the part and you get blacklisted in hollywood.

    my point is, it would be nice to see some new actors and directors/producers making movies. that's why i like watching youtube is, it is NOT OWNED BY THE HOLLYWOOD ELITE.

    time for a change in hollywood...for the better!!!!!
  2. it's all special effects...no theme..no plot..no acting..just noise and cars flipping thru air. those cars don't even obey known physics..i mean f^k! :mad:
  3. Have you noticed how absolutely rotten tv programming has become.

    I know two people who have dropped their subscription to cable tv and say that they don't watch it at all anymore.
  4. it's all "reality" shows now. i mean f^k! :mad:
  5. KTSH:it's all "reality" shows now. i mean f^k!

    Yes. Really, really cheap to make.
  6. Gotta stick to HBO