Time for Obama to repudiate Tom Hanks

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    Max E.

    Turns out the narrator of Obama's 17 minute propaganda film is just another kkklannish democrat.

    Our friends at the Daily Caller have obtained video of what Congress of Racial Equality national spokesperson Niger Innis has rightly called “an orchestrated, heinous, and racist ‘Stepin Fetchit’ routine that Mr. Hanks was a part of.”

    You can watch for yourself here. The full video is here. I don't care what your politics are, it's nauseatingly racist.

    And what a disconnect. While Academy Award-winner and Obama supporter Tom Hanks and Eagles musician Glenn Frey parade around in the worst racial stereotypes imaginable, they mock Republicans. I guess they believe that inoculates them from bathing in open racism.

    Innis has also called on President Obama to remove Tom Hanks as narrator of the the recent propaganda film the White House just released.

    This is a story with legs and it should be interesting to see how Hanks, the White House, Hollywood and especially the media react. You know, the same media that declares the use of the words "basketball" and "food stamps" as racist.

    Daily Caller:
    Video footage obtained by The Daily Caller shows Hollywood screen legend Tom Hanks and Eagles musician Glenn Frey at a 2004 fundraising auction, playfully interacting with a white man dressed as an African native, complete with blackface makeup and a giant Afro wig Hanks most recently provided the narration for ”The Road We’ve Traveled,” a 17-minute-long campaign video meant to help President Barack Obama win re-election in November.

    The fundraiser, held March 13, 2004 at St. Matthew’s Parish School in Pacific Palisades, Calif., featured Hanks and Frey as co-emcees. Children of both men attended the school. The event’s theme, “Castaways,” evoked memories of the 2000 film “Cast Away,” in which Hanks starred.

    The 2004 auction’s routine included a white man in blackface, identified in the footage as investment banker James

    Montgomery, CEO of the Santa Monica, Calif., firm Montgomery & Co. In addition to blackface makeup and the wig, Montgomery wore a leopard-print toga and an arm band made to look like it consisted of animal teeth.

    During a lull in the auction, Frey refers to Montgomery and comments, “See how boring money management and stock investment is, people? It’s not nearly as much fun as, like, professional basketball.”

    In response to the video, Congress of Racial Equality national spokesperson Niger Innis has called on President Obama to remove Hanks’ narration from his campaign film. Innis called the incident “an orchestrated, heinous, and racist ‘Stepin Fetchit’ routine that Mr. Hanks was a part of.”

    Over to you, racially-obsessed Lefties!

    Here is the video of Tom Hanks and the rest of his klannish buddies, having a grand old time mocking black people.

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    Time travel much?
  3. Context Max, context.....context and comedy if you really want to exercise your brain

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/JZCS5I80X-8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Prevaricate much?

    The KKK was founded by Democrats. Fact.
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    So you're a brain expert now RCG?

    More like Walter Mitty I would say.
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    Max E.

    Indeed, we know all the context you need, a liberal did it therefore in the eyes of a liberal it can not possibly be racist, but if a conservative had done it, there would be round the clock news coverage on it, and the guy would have been run out of Hollywood, and every single person who ever associated with him would also be a racist.

    Sorry liberals, Your PC game is backfiring on you, people are waking up to the bullshit, and holding you guys to the same standards.

  7. No, it doesn't take any kind of rocket science to evaluate a group frightened of change, which you are clearly a part of.
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    ..frightened of change????? Some change is good. Some change is bad. It's not rocket science to realize the change Obama wants and has pushed is 100% bad. The guy (and you) don't have a clue!!!
  10. What change might that be?
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