Time Decay & Ratio Spreads

Discussion in 'Options' started by savage, Sep 19, 2002.

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    I'm looking to put on some ratio spreads for the first time and was hoping to get some feedback on when the best time of the month would be to take advantage of the quickest time decay while still being able to sell some premium.


  2. Not tomorrow ...
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    Metoo, Thanks!

    How about monday?

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  6. OK, here we go again; it depends.

    You have to look @ each proposed spread and determine the characteristics of that situation.

    There is no real pat answer; options are not stocks or futures that can be defined by a simple set of rules. For every textbook example you can find, I can find you one that isn't supposed to do that ...

    Is that a homerun?
  7. Yes, Home Run. In all seriousness, it does depend on the specifics of the trade. Sometimes, people ask questions RE: options, looking for a simple answer. However, oftentimes in reality, as you know, there is not a simple (totally correct) answer. If you give a simple answer, they get angry because you did not provide justification. If you explain it fully, either they do not understand, or, just say "thanks".
  8. Hi savage...I'm not an expert, but it's been my under-
    standing that the best time to sell an option is the beginning
    of the last 30 days of an options life.

    For example, this is expiration day for Sept options. If I
    wanted to sell Oct options, I would sell them about 30 mins
    before todays market close. That way, the deterioration of the
    options time value begins this weekend.

    Hope this helps
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    My question is rather simple. If you look at the time decay curve during the last month of an options life, at what point(broadly) on the curve is the most efficient point considering time decay & option value. Think "Efficient Frontier".
  10. Not that simple ...
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