"Time" Component of Market Analysis

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  1. Anyone use the "time" component in analyzing the markets. If so, what has been most useful: Gann, Fibonacci, Cycles, Astro, other? Also, what sources of information do you recommend?
  2. They are all to be used in conjuction to form a "cluster". If a time cluster and a price cluster intersect, then you have a high probability trade.

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  3. Well, thanks for stating the obvious. I'm looking for a little more guidance here on what has been most useful in determining the time cluster.
  4. Cycles can be good if you can locate one , they don't have to be exact but they should bear some symmetry- maybe a certain index has troughs roughly every 4 months over the last 20 months. which means that the peak should be around the midpoint of two months along and the trough can be projected.

    try to focus on troughs rather than peaks
  5. I do.

    Cycles are the most useful. Gann,Fib Astro are about the same as a coin toss.

    I have developed couple of forecasting methods based in most on cycle identification and forward projection. I do not concern myself with price too much, I just want to know when reversal is most likely to happen. Look at my posts in "stock" forum to see what accuracy can be expected.
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    Take a look at Market Profile for a new perspective on time.
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    Most useful time element in my daytrading is the time the SP pit (i trade the ES) is open from 0930 et to 1600et.......:D

    Sorry, could not resist....:)
  8. Very good advice.
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    Peaks are more effective when looking at cycles for commodities IMHO.
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    I have studied the time element of trading vigorusly my entire career and thus collected many different techniques, but I have found the Gann oriented techniques to be the most accurate.

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