Time and sales

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by tradecrumbs, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Can strategy runner put "time and sales" in their next upgrade?
  2. Neet


    What is it with Strategy Runner ? This stuff is so elemental to trading platforms.

    Time and Sales ? Are you kidding me!
  3. Whats wrong with watching time and sales?
  4. Neet


    Absolutely nothing, in fact, it's the tape, it's critical. Just shocked that they don't have it.
  5. John Carter from tradethemarkets.com uses strategy runner for his execution platform in his book, "mastering the trade" and in his video's he tells us that is what he uses. So are you sure it is elementary and not good? Not sure what would be better?
  6. Neet


    I don't think much of John except of his business skills. However, I meant that it's elemental in the sense that it's imperative and should be included in every platform because it's critical to daytrading.
  7. lol i've had to cheat a little and use the SPY T&S as a base. It's ghetto but works alright.

    I agree though.