Time and Sales tape Painting

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VinnyB, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. VinnyB


    Hope this is the right place for this noob question...

    I often see these painted high/low trades on my level II windows. Apparently everyone else sees them also b/c all the message boards light up over these incorrect after hour or pre market highs/lows.

    Example: TSTR shows 3.40 today [9/30] PM...bogus.

    I understand that 100 share lots and less are often used to paint but why don't these prices appear on the NASDAQ site or anywhere else on time and sales?

    Is it possible that it's a one (1) share paint and they don't list that?

    This happens every day to most of the stocks on my watchlist and all the message boards are giddy [or nauseous] over these prices and, in reality, the stocks never traded there.

    Thanks for your input,