Time and Sales Question

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bathrobe, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. bathrobe


    Assume a seller wants to sell 200 ES at 800 and a buyer wants to buy 200 at 800, I assume the market does not move, but if the buyer buys 100 the market would move down? Thanks in advance
  2. Surdo


    That makes sense, buy and the market goes down!
  3. bathrobe


    Because the seller is selling 200 and the next buyer would pick up the rest...........I asked for help not a typical et smart ass
  4. The market only moves if someone makes a trade.

    If the bid/ask situation was as follows:

    Buy 100@800 and Sell 200@800
    Buy 300@770 and Sell 400@850 (I am using highest bid lowest ask)

    So what will happen is that the 100 units will be sold at 800(that would be last sale) and then the bid ask would move to

    Buy 300@770 and Sell 100@800
    Sell 400@850
    Unless somebody creates a market order on the buy or sell side(or intrduces a limit order that matches with opposing one) the market won't move.
  5. The market does not move down, until someone else does something the market sits at 800.