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  1. alanack


    When a person sells 1000 shares of a stock at, say 40.30, and another person buys that same stock, 1000 shares, at 40.30, obviously the time and sales ticker will show 1000 shares traded @40.30. But what if a person sells 1000 shares, and it is picked up buy three different people, buying 100, 400 and 500 shares. How is this shown on the time and sales? Thanks.
  2. traderxp


    it can show the trade individually or the specialist can bunch it up into one print of just 1000.

    short answer -- anyway they want
  3. im not 100% sure but i think it would go like this:
    1000 40.30 (red)
    100 40.30 (green)
    400 40.30 (green)
    500 40.30 (green)
  4. traderxp



    no. that is not how it works. only 1000 shares traded. can't show 2000 shares on the tape.
  5. trader xp is correct

    it would be bunched together more often than not.
  6. Pound


    if it is "picked up" by buyers that means the seller is posting an offer of a thousand shares. The buyer(s) would "lift" the offer and the print would be as follows:

    <font color=green>100 40.30<p>400 40.30<p>500 40.30</font color>

    if it is sold to the best bid (partial fills) the print would show:

    <font color=red>100 40.30<p>400 40.30<p>500 40.30</font color>

    hope that helps.