Time 3 go green

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  1. Market is gonna go green in the next few hours

    now is the time to cover your paltry short ptofits

    Low volume downside with no price compression. This is indicitive of a large upside burst to morning levels.

    Dow -66
  2. I love that you posted this right BEFORE the S&P fell 20+pts. Thanks for the contrarian sign once again :)
  3. Actually he's spot on with his call.

    He post at 1:19pm ET, it's now 3:06pm ET and the markets are about to go green ... stock_trad3r knows a lot more than people give him credit for, they just don't like his perma-bullness (it's because we're all jaded and think it's corny).
  4. Good call!!
  5. S2007S



    going up
  6. did you see what the market did from 1:19 on? He was not spot on, he made a guess that is starting to possibly work but not before being 20+ pts out of the money on the spooz.

    how many daytraders on this board let the S&P run 20pts against them?

  7. What I find comical is when these new forums are created, you can look at the name and know it had to be started by StckTr3r.

    Even more comical than mine!


    FWIW with less than 1 hour left to trade, with today's decline - heaviest amongst commodity-related groups, volume is even higher than yesterday.

    Gonna need PPT again to rally from here. Yesterday short-covering rally led by big-boy program trading was just an easy way for them to continue to recoup their heavy losses - by way of retail investors that bought into the HUGE rally.

    . . .and the beat goes on.

    Yes, I have QID APR call options at the 57 strike that I think will prove favorable.

    But my LEH APR 22.5 puts are another matter.:(

  8. if you make the same call 30+ times a day everyday once in a while you will be right....when the mkt starts to rollover again, he will still say now is the best time to buy 30+ times a day, and he will be wrong everytime...I think I trust myself a wee bit more than our fearless paper investor stock.
  9. Up trend just broke, we don't end the day green.
  10. I get a chuckle out of that too...he is a moron, but there is something fun about laughing at him. Clearly he wasn't taught how to get along well with others as evidenced by the way he interacts with his fellow ET members, but it seems he actually enjoys the slander (as BnB seemed to), as he keeps displaying the same behavior patterns and getting the same negative responses, and yet he keeps coming back for more!
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