time 2 Short oil again

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  1. its gonna tank soon

    as long as the arabs keep ramping up production oil aint going higher

    whoosh lower it goes
  2. This forum is dead...market tanking and the bears are nowhere to be seen. :confused:

    Oil steady falling lower

    When I made this thread the OIL etf was at 81.45. Now it is at 81.05 with no support in sight

    The falling dollar and lower interest rates can't overcome over production.
  3. offbyone


    july oil is up 6 cents.
  4. oil steady falling lower

    I am almsot never wrong
  5. almsot?

    If you aren't a multi-millionaire than you suck...
  6. Oil not lower today - guess that was one of those "almost never" instances.
  7. S2007S


    Oil will fall significantly, I hope this doesnt surprise anyone when it happens because when it happens its going to fall extremely fast. You will easily see a 20-30% drop.
  8. On a serious note, the fact oil wasn't up $20 on the Israeli War Gaming news is probably bearish.
  9. Oil is going higher
  10. Bleh.

    My barber told me I should buy oil today. I told him he should put some damn money in his shop.
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