Time 2 load up on potash and coal stocks

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. these will go much much higher in the coming weeks

    I am rarely wrong

  2. yep, a week ago you anoited yourself the king of your fantasy paper investing world, now you are "rarely' wrong! Too funny. Hows your "index" doing? I would say mine is killing yours with lots less risk. You are such a putz
  3. The index is on a long term basis or there would be no purpose in constructing an index.
  4. If it is longterm, why do you feel the need to pimp it several times a day?
  5. I am almost never wrong

    I know everything
  6. except market direction...Dude your index overall is down, there is no disputing that. The index that I have is actually up now, even with more long posistions than shorts...I am beating you soundly with much much less risk. You don't know anything. Only 22 more spoo points until you bid adieu to et, get ready.
  7. the time to load up was a year ago....

    pot is too pricey, better value elsewhere
  8. hughb


    WTF?? You already started a thread about coal stocks, why did you start another one?
  9. Cause I'm so good at picking stocks one thread isn't enough.
  10. stock you are such a child, look at me! I need attention! You will never be succesful in this business, you are way to emotional, and your ego is beyond belief (why you have such an ego is beyond me). You are an amateur now and always...1252 is calling to you, get ready to go back to the yahoo boards, where you fit right in by the way!
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